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Book Rental Scheme

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a book rental scheme?
A book rental scheme means that the school will purchase all textbooks and workbooks. Parents pay a fee to the school each year comprising of a rental fee for the use of textbooks and a purchase fee (inclusive of discounted rate school receives for buying books in bulk) for workbooks.

Who owns the books?
The school remains the owner of the textbooks at all times. Workbooks are owned by the pupil.

What is the cost and when do I have to pay?
The fee for the year will be €75 per child. This will be reviewed every year.

Is there a rental deposit?
No. There is no deposit, but if a book is lost or damaged, payment will be required in order to replace the book. Future participation in the scheme is contingent upon replacing lost/damaged books.

What are the benefits of having a Book Rental Scheme?
There are many benefits including –
• The scheme will significantly reduce the amount of money spent by parents on books each year
• As the school is buying in bulk, the rental fee and workbook fee is calculated on the discounted price
• All textbooks and workbooks will be provided by the school on the first day of the new school year
• Parents no longer have the task of purchasing and covering books
• All pupils will have access to a wider range of textbooks including the new Graded Reading Scheme. The school will also further invest in novels in order to add to our current collection.

Is there a Savings Scheme for parents to help pay the Rental Fee?
Yes. Parents may opt to join the Savings Club being operated by the Parents’ Association. All savings are collected each Friday morning in the school and the book rental fee can be debited from your saved total in May.

Can I donate schoolbooks to the school?
Yes. The school would be delighted to accept any of the following textbooks which, are in good quality –
Junior Infant Folens Reading Zone: 3 core readers and 6x supplementary books
Senior Infant Folens Reading Zone: 3 core readers and 6x supplementary books
Any Alive O Textbooks from 1st to 6th Class: Alive O 3 – Alive O 8
CJ Fallon My Read at Home Book 1 – 6 (1st to 6th Class)

What if I don’t want to join the scheme?
The success of this Book Rental Scheme will greatly depend on all parents and pupils availing of the scheme. Not only will all core books be purchased by the school, but the Graded Reading Scheme and further novels/books will be purchased and made available to the children. Should a parent not wish their child to be part of the scheme, then they would have to purchase all books that their child will be using in class which would be significantly more costly than the book rental fee.

Will the school be buying new books each year?
• The school will need to replace sub-standard/damaged books each year
• The school will purchase workbooks annually
• The school will purchase additional books/eBooks to provide a wider range of resources in the classrooms

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